About our hotel

Best luxury Resort in Muine Phan Thiet.

The Novela offers luxurious accommodations, countless modern facilities and amenities; we intend to give attentive services to vacationers and convention delegates. Residing at the Novela Resort and your stay will truly be an unforgettable experience.

Novela Resort & Spa



Novela Muine Resort & Spa is located on the center of Muine Resort, about 13km from Phan Thiet City , and 8km from Red Sand hill, 200km from Ho chi Minh City, 200km from Nha Trang. When it comes to selecting a Muine-Phan Thiet, a 150 meter beach resort for your vacation or business trip, the Novela Resort is the obvious choice for quality and excellence.


Land Scape

Novela Muine Resort & Spa is a dorned in elegant architecture with expansive balconies, arches, columns surrounded by coco-palm garden. Inside, the resort is cool and luxury with a largely nautical influence featuring tiled lounges and sumptuous wooden furnishing. The Novela offers luxurious accommodations, countless amenities, and our devoted attention to vacationers and convention delegates alikeness.



Located in the center of two blocks. Stretching from the pavement to the beach. The highlights of the Sailing Club restaurant are two 100-year wooden houses, originated from Thai people in the Northern area. The visitors may wish to see the daily life of people or they may sit by the roadside to enjoy the scenery. The visitors who want to enjoy the panoramic and dreamy view of Muine Beach may sit at the bar bordering the beach. Our restaurant organizes live music performances by famous Philippine bands every night.
With a team of professional chefs, our restaurant serves all European, Asian and American dishes. We can also serve more than 200 people and up to 3 groups of guests sitting at 3 separate areas. Our special dishes are served as requested in advance by the guests.


Spa & Wellness

Here at Massage & Spa we offer a variety of different massages catering to your different needs for the ultimate experience, such as: Thailand or Swedish Massage, Hot Stone or herbal massage, etc. especially manicure & pedicure .