The Novela offers luxurious accommodations, countless modern facilities and amenities; we intend to give attentive services to vacationers and convention delegates. Residing at the Novela Resort and your stay will truly be an unforgettable experience.

Novela Muine Resort & Spa is a dorned in elegant architecture with expansive balconies, arches, columns surrounded by coco-palm garden. Inside, the resort is cool and luxury with a largely nautical influence featuring tiled lounges and sumptuous wooden furnishing


Stepping into the Novela Muine resort paradise, visitors will be warmly welcomed as an honored guest. Respecting rare moments of relaxation for guests, the Novela resort cleverly attracts guests with the luxurious accommodations, modern facilities and amenities, along with spacious and charming landscape by the sea. The sea-style exquisite design with expansive balconies, arches, columns decorated with a pattern of endless coconut trees in the combination of precious wooden furniture has created a distinctive beauty for Novela Resort. Our warm-hearted staffs thrive to bring guests The Net comforts of Life with truly unforgettable experiences, refreshment, and the most attentive services.

It’s the third prize at the National Architecture Awards 2010 that strongly proves Novela Muine Resort & Spa’s construction quite exquisite and perfect for your choice. Log on the following obvious link https: //



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