Novela Privilege Lounge


If you want to luxuriate in a luxurious space, which is modernly designed with a delicate layout, chocolate brown as the main color tone and furniture made from fine wood, Novela Privilege Lounge is the place designed for you. Discover the many benefits of this exceptional venue.

It is located on the ground floor, at the garden center of the Novela Resort, with the spectacular scenery of the outdoor Jacuzzi, green grasses, and immense sea views.

You will have the chance to enjoy benefits at Novela Privilege Lounge like free snacks, refreshments, seasonal fruits grown and carefully selected from Novela Resort’s ecotourism destination, as well as luxuriate in harmonious melodies that bring you a calm and peaceful feeling from 2 pm to 8pm. Attentive staffs provide personalised services.

And nothing is better than luxuriating yourself in an ideal space as Novela Privilege Lounge, where you can get inspiration, freedom of mind, small group gatherings, and meetings with partners or special friends.

Come to Novela Resort to explore this impressive location.