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Salling Club Restaurant

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Located in the center of two blocks. Stretching from the pavement to the beach. The highlights of the Sailing Club restaurant are two 100-year wooden houses, originated from Thai people in the Northern area. The visitors may wish to see the daily life of people or they may sit by the roadside to enjoy the scenery. The visitors who want to enjoy the panoramic and dreamy view of Muine Beach may sit at the bar bordering the beach. Our restaurant organizes live music performances by famous Philippine bands every night.
With a team of professional chefs, our restaurant serves all European, Asian and American dishes. We can also serve more than 200 people and up to 3 groups of guests sitting at 3 separate areas. Our special dishes are served as requested in advance by the guests.

Coffee Lounge & Bar

and Coffee

Located adjacent to the beach and pool. You can have a cup of coffee, wine, cocktails or ice cream etc. while enjoying the romantic sea view with endless white sand beaches. If you prefer a private space, you can go to the 2nd floor of the Bar to relax and enjoy your favorite food or drink.
On the 2nd floor of the restaurant, we also arrange the relaxing services such as Billiards, Dart, library and even kayaking if you wish to explore Muine beach.