...such as camping, fish catching, fishing, terrain car racing, visiting public playground and so on!

Fishing & Camping & Fruits


Fishing lake with total 5.000 square meters

The green color of Hong Phong Vien spreading from hedges of bamboos waving in the wind to rows of coconuts mirroring in the lake of 5000 square meters, and the blue sky makes this place become a paradise for those who like to go fishing, fish catching, fishing believers or simply romance lovers and recreational fishing lovers.


an ideal destination for outdoor recreational activities

Not only admire the unique architecture of the charming stilts houses, the cultural beauty of 12 sculptures of 12 folk animal designations, the poetic countryfied and no less modern landscape, but you will also be experienced interesting recreational services such as camping, terrain car racing, visiting the public playground and so on. The professionalism of the tourism area guarantees that you will have a perfect holiday…


the famous local specialty with more than 10 hectares

Coming to Hong Phong Vien, you will be mesmerized by the vast green space of the coconut gardens, known as the famous local specialty with more than 10 hectares, the gardens of Dragon fruits, Passion fruits, and Mangos – cultivated with 2 types of Australian Mango and Hoa Loc mango in Vietnam with an area of more than 3 hectares.